Despite their social and cultural background, Traditional Sports and Games (TSG) are nowadays under threat. Many have disappeared as the result of neglect, some have been absorbed into the world of competitive sport, losing their social and community value and, in some cases, have become mere commercialised passive sports. Others have been forced to accept the limited role of helping to promote some other objective, such as physical education in school or as part of the training programme for some other sport. 

RePlay will concentrate on the following typologies for the classification of traditional games in Europe developed by the European Traditional Sports and Games Association:

  • Ball games, where there is an interaction between the players by means of a malleable ball. In this case, there are no instruments. Two main cases can be defined: with the hands or with the upper limbs (e.g. Basque Pelota); and with the hands and the feet (e.g. Gaelic Football).
  • Ball games with instruments, such as stick/Bat (e.g. Shinty, Hurling, Camogie) or basket (e.g. Cesta Punta).



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