The history of sport can be traced back to the very existence of human civilisation itself, probably ever since we started to use sticks and rocks to hunt with. It penetrates every social, political, ethnic and religious divide; and played by children in every geographical location, irrespective of the size of their community; testifying to its universal and accessible nature. Sport therefore not only reflects a society’s identity and evolution, but actually acts to shape societies. 

This explains the staggering diversity and richness of sports across cultures.

In Europe alone there are over 3000 traditional sports and games.However, due in part to globalisation by a few sports and the increased tendency towards individualised physical exercise, many traditional sports are in decline or already lost to us.

Given the importance of sport as an intangible cultural heritage it is imperative that we understand, preserve, protect and promote traditional sports

Latest news

  • Data Capture of GAA Hand Pass

    Click here to see a 3D representation of one of our captured skills.
    The skill is the GAA Hand Pass captured with an elite athlete during the project's dedicated motion capture of GAA and Basque Sports,
    which was the first time ever such skills were the subject of motion capture.

  • News article about us on Silicon Republic

    Silicon Republic: New analytics project to preserve GAA players’ moves for future generations

    The way GAA is played today will soon be preserved forever,
    allowing future generations to learn from the likes of Henry Shefflin,
    through the use of advanced sensors and data analytics,
    with help from the Insight Centre for Data Analytics.

  • RePlay Technical & End User Advisory Board Meetings
    The final RePlay technical meeting took place 26-28 Jan 2016 in Croke Park, Ireland, head quarters of the GAA.
    The first two days were devoted to technical discussion and final plans for the RePlay technical prototypes.
    The final day was devoted to hosting the 3rd meeting of the End User Advisory Board.
    Experts from different Traditional Sports and Games from all across Europe (e.g. Tamburello and the Europe is our Playground project) - came to the meeting to learn about RePlay technology. 
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  • Connect with us at booth i28 at ICT 2015, Lisbon, 20th-22nd Oct. 2015

    The RePLay project will have the exhibition booth i28 at one of the European Commission’s premier annual events – ICT 2015. The event will be held at the Centro de Congressos de Lisboa (CCL) in Lisbon.  RePlay project partners will be present to discuss the project and provide demonstrations of the three scenarios of the project. So, please feel free to stop by and learn about the project in person!


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